Animals – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge


Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs, long ago left on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, still live on its northern most beaches. These horses used to run free throughout the islands, but as houses were built and more and more people arrived, the horses were being put at risk of being hit by cars. They are now free to roam in a preservation area that can be reached easily if you have four-wheel drive. There are homes within the horse preserve and the horses are used to people. However, they are wild, and graze on the native vegetation. People are forbidden to feed them. I cropped the above photo to create the two pictures that follow.


I took this photo of a cow and a nursing calf a couple of years ago, here in Virginia. There aren’t any cows left in my community, but they can be found nearby.


Below are sheep, a llama, a lot of geese and a heron – also, here in Virginia. There is still plenty of farmland south and west of where I live.


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge




The photo challenge this week is to: Show us where your heart is. My heart isn’t really where I live, but that is how I interpret the word “local”. I don’t consider myself as someone who believes the grass is greener elsewhere; however, I do not love where I live. I don’t feel connected to this place.


East of where I live is Washington, D.C.


West of where I live is the Blue Ridge Mountain range.


Between the mountains and here, there are a lot of wineries and horse farms.


Between here and Washington, D.C., there are suburbs filled with endless houses, schools, shopping centers, people and traffic, because you can’t get anywhere unless you drive a car. I live in the land of minivans and SUVs. The one thing that characterizes this place more than anything else are the young families and lots of children. There are more than 80 schools in our town and they are always building more. I live in the land of more.

One of those children in the photo below is my grandson and he has my heart. He is one of the reasons I live where I live.


This place where I live might not be where my heart is. It is where I am and that is okay.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Local