Welcome. Here is where I get to tell you a little about my blog and a little about me.

This is not my first blog, but I have decided to start over – for the fourth time.

Does it make sense to start again? Probably not, but blogging has been a bit trial and error from the get go. I am sort of sad to say goodbye to my last blog, but I am looking forward to a new journey.


Are you wondering if I just hit the “Like” button? I read your blog. I open your posts in the Reader. I click over to the other blog when you guest post. I enjoy most blogs, but personal essays and photo blogs are my favorites.


Naming my blog(s) has been a challenge. My first blog was named for the content. That was easy. The next two blogs used my name and that never felt quite right. Gathering Pearls is the name of a poem I wrote last year about self-revelation. As important as poetry is, not everyone appreciates it, so I’ve decided to put the poem at the very end of this page.

Although the poem isn’t autobiographical, there is some truth in it about me. My writing is honest, but I hold back, sharing only bits and pieces of myself. There is always a tension between wanting to be “fully known” and revealing “too much information”. This is something I wrestle with.

I also like quotes, and those words of wisdom, are pearls. And the Montgomery quote on my Home page considers pearls to be like life’s little pleasures. That is beautiful.


I’m an introvert, rather quiet and serious, with a desire to be free-spirited. I wish I was fearless, but I’m not. If you are looking for loyalty and dependability, then look here. Honesty is the best policy – yes it is. It simplifies life.

I’m the worst sort of perfectionist, and it is difficult to overcome trying to live up to that impossible standard. I used to think of myself as “the worst case scenario girl”, because I always considered the worst possibilities that might happen in any given situation, but I am happy to say I no longer think that way. That is a relief.

I have degrees in Religion, Legal Studies, and English Literature. I enjoy reading and I belong to a book club. I am learning Italian using Duolingo. I belong to a poetry club and I have a few poems published in a couple of anthologies of local poets. I love movies and television. My favorite shows are Survivor, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. I am a fan of true crime and trials. Human behavior, the brain and outer space fascinate me. I do not like shopping, so you are not going to find fashion tips on my blog. I’m not much of a cook, so no recipes either.

I love city living. I love the ocean. I grew up near the Jersey shore. I live in the suburbs. The ocean is almost four hours away. How did I end up here? Grandchildren. I will one day live in a city near the ocean. My plan is to escape to Boston.


I take all of my own photos with a Sony  DSC-HX20V point and shoot, my phone, and as of November, 2016, I have added a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS. I could use some lessons. All of the pictures on my blog were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. If I use anyone else’s photos, I will have permission to do so and there will be a credit. When editing photos on my laptop, I use paint.net. It’s easy and it’s free. On my phone, I use Pixlr or PicsArt, and Phonto for text.


I started blogging about four (or five) years ago. My first blog – Crime and Literature – was supposed to focus on crime, crime prevention, court cases, and literature – book reviews and posts about writing. I found myself writing about my personal life more than expected and moved on to my second blog – Blog Two. For both Blogs One and Two, I was using WordPress.org and a hosting service that my husband used. When he dropped the service, I decided to move from WordPress.org to WordPress.com. That started my third blog. I’ve been paying for that blog – premium plan. However, I haven’t been writing enough lately to justify paying for it, so I am now going to use a free blog. Thank you WordPress.

WordPress.org gave me a lot more flexibility with my blog options. There was the ability to write code and there were a lot of plug-ins that could be added. WordPress.com has a variety of options when it comes to themes, however, you are limited partly by your choice of plans. Also, there isn’t any option to code or make changes outside what a particular theme offers. As mentioned above, you can use WP.com for free, while WP.org requires a service provider. There is customer support with WP.com, which is great, especially if you are new to blogging or technologically challenged. I don’t know that one is better than the other. It is a matter of personal choice.

That is a little about me and my blog.

Thanks for visiting. See you in the blogosphere.



Gathering Pearls

You speak with an economy of words:
Sharing bits and pieces of yourself;
Careful, always careful –
never revealing too much,
never holding back the truth,
frugal, yet generous.

I listen like a diver gathering pearls:
Hearing the shapes and colors that are you;
Careful, always careful –
never missing their reflections,
never squandering their beauty
when you open your soul.

– Robin 2015